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​​​the freedom exercises

​​Submitted on 8 June 2018 by Anna Abramova


I see the Temple...
I feel its gentle work in our hearts.
I see existences behind the feelings, 
Destiny beyond the time, 
And purity without cleansing.
I see the Temple within you.
I feel there is an endless way of spirit, 
Simultaneous rhythms, 
And life approaching its inner reasons.
Each man is a living Temple on Earth.
Each heart is an altar of experimental lovers.
Each thought is a candle lit; impulse, pulse -
Awakening of hardened matter.
No planet could exist without love, 
No star exists without meaning, 
No meaning if the gardener does not

Plant the seeds in the dirt.
My friend, take this with an open heart.
There is no place in the Universe without inner reasons.
There are no living beings without a future in the light. 
There is no God without extended meanings.
You are a living channel of life’s energy. 
You are the connection between hardened matter and Spirit,
An awakening of Earth’s matter 
Conscious of the sky’s freedom.
You are a child of Mother Earth.
You are son of Father Spirit.
And now you are the balance on a cross -
The intersection of Matter with Universal Spirit.

Christianity is not a belief system.
It is profound knowledge for humanity;
Our future awakened to Goddess-self
In the Universal art of loving freedom.
My friend, think further! You have rights!
You have a right to manifested freedom.
To bring forth all the desires of your heart in
Perfect reflections of your inner feelings. 

What thoughts have you manifested?
What seeds have you planted? What are the meanings?
Remember it all. Your living love -
You are the Creator with extended wisdom.
Remember, you have rights of life -
Feel the sensations of immortality and freedom -
Connection of matter’s forms
With the joy of Spirit in heaven’s wisdom.
Inhale... and you'll be led by the energy of Mother Earth.
Her love will be transmitted to the Universe by you.
Your body is the living channel of the love: 
The river bed which keeps the streaming energy alive.   
From the center of the Earth to your toes and legs, and torso... higher...
Through your raised arms, sharing its living fire
Until it reaches the Father Spirit - Universe.
Exhale... descent - experience of energy and wisdom.
Sensations of love now penetrating Earth 
From Father Spirit – Universe… 
Transmitted through your head and torso, 
Raised hands to toes.
The energy extended to the center of the Earth.
Your body is the channel for the cosmic love.
Inhale... and raise...exhale... descent
Just breathe sensations of secret freedom.
You all have the right to be alive,
Life lessons shifted up the levels of wisdom.

Just breathe, discover the living school 
In the new polarity of matter and spirit freedom.
Remember this is the end of the world  
Among the poles of good and evil.
Just breathe between the two poles. 
And now you are the balance on a cross - 
The intersection of Matter with Universal Spirit.
Just breathe the cosmic love. 

Don't judge the pictures appearing in your mind…
You will become a living crystal.
In the love exchange you will establish a purity of life,
Now you are free from the dual work of cleansing. 

There is no doubt any more in the support of life,
You are the creator of its foundation and reason.
There is an insuring sense of prosperity in life -
Now you are a priest in the light of the inner temple, wisdom.

I see the Temple within you.
I feel there is an endless way of spirit
Offering us the creator's meanings of the entire Universe
And our heart desires in extended freedom.
Your heart is reaching love in universal meanings.