This is the very first lesson I wrote for the Institute.  It has been shared, in parts, on the Institute Study Blog,  Here is the full lesson . . . I think this particular document embodies the True Heart and Mind of the Institute . . . Please do not waste your chance . . . continued . . .


Today... boys and girls... moms and dads... in honor of the traditional holiday season of the Christian, Hebrew and Muslim faiths... and for all the sincere adherents of the many faiths of the world... all  working diligently so to better understand the’ God of their inner hearts’... I am going to tell you a very special tale... a marvelous teaching tale... a tale full of mystery and magic... a tale about what happened to one particular little boy-angel and one particular little girl-angel after they were created in heaven.  The name of this tale is ‘God’s Greatest Miracle’.  This story is meant for the ears of  both children and adults... meant for all persons who do their very...very best to listen to the urges of his or her conscience... known from the earliest of times as the still, small Voice Within . . . continued . . .  ​​ICEHD.Gods Greatest Adventure.121506.pdf

In the beginning, the many tribes of men were unable to understand each other as languages were many. Consequently, men were in perpetual conflict over land and women.  So the Lord settled  the many tribes together on the plane of Shinar, making sure each group had the land and the women needed . . . continued . . .   TeachingTale.TowerOfBabel.2015.pdf

​​For your edification and entertainment, I offer a teaching tale, once related to me by a certain minor, and rather witty, demon I know.  It concerns a visit, his highness the Devil made to Heidelberg, many centuries ago.  I trust you find such apropos . . . continued  . . .  ​


From the very beginnings of developed speech (~50k years ago),  people created tales to explain the world they found themselves within (in what the Institute calls the 'dream time').  Over thousands of years, great mythologies were generated to explain how the world came to be;  how man fits into the grand scheme; man's duty to the rulers and gods; life after physical death; and much more.

By nature, humans beings are story tellers and story listeners.  Each and every human being lives out his or her personal narrative--for the better or for the worse.  The secret to conscious evolution and a meaningful life is rather simple.  To find enlightenment, one needs to observe the major themes comprising his or her personal narrative; and by proper observation and work remove what is detrimental and add what is beneficial.

Such questions lead to deep exploration of human nature and psychology by spiritually inclined individuals; individuals driven to seek answers to fundamental questions; individual looking for like-minded spirits so to share and better understand their experiences.  From such explorations arose the great spiritual teachings of mankind. In ancient India, we find the Vedas, composed in five parts: the Samhitas, the Brahmanas, the Aranyakas, and the Upanishads.  In pre-Hellenistic Greece, we find the Iliad and the Odyssey.  Dynastic Sumer and Babylon had their great myths, as did dynastic Egypt.

Along side the first great religions,  seekers came together so to share their personal inner experiences with others of like mind and heart.  Eventually, schools were formed so to teach students these new techniques for inner exploration and mysticism arose as the phoenix from the ashes of the past.  Often, the knowledge gained of the inner world was incorporated into new tales and narratives designed to attract new students and introduce them to the inner world.

The 'Tradition' continues with the Institute for we are storytellers (though many other methods are used to bring our students to the stream of enlightenment).  We are fond of stories for stories engage the attention of the child--for life for them is still a story.  Stories are powerful tools which are capable of planting seeds within a child's fertile mind which can grow into trees of wisdom and trees of heart.  

The proper guidance of the young is critical for the future of our species--guidance needed more today than ever.  Subsequently, the Institute creates new Teaching Tales for Children on a regular basis.  Some are short and others quite lengthy--all designed so to contact the divine aphysical in each.

These stories can be found under the "Library Tab" and ordered as an e-book.  You will find that our Teaching Tales will have a sweet effect upon your own heart.

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The Strange Life of the Good Doctor




​​​​​​ A very long time ago, when I was four or five years old,  I lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Every day, I went across the street to my neighbor to have red beans and rice during the midday meal.  But, most of the time, I strolled the streets on adventures.  Nothing much of significance happened other than having mumps and the removal of my tonsils and adenoids.  Ether inhalation is a very weird thing to do for sure . . . continued . . .​ 


Previously, I wrote about living in Puerto Rico between the ages of three to five.  It was a most auspice time in my spiritual development and I would like to share it.  . . .continued . . .


​​ Before and after my birth, my father and mother worked in Saudi Arabia, being employed by ARAMCO.  I was born November 1, 1949, at 13:57 Apparent Solar Time.  The place of my birth being Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  Here is the story I was told by my father as to my birth when I turned 13 years old . . . continued . . .  ICEHD.Starry.Starry.Night.010716.pdf

During my university career, I transferred a few times.  I had begun at Brown University with a merit scholarship and stayed my freshmen years.  As they did not have a program in Chemical Engineering I transferred UC Santa Barbara for a quarter and then to UC Berkeley for a year.  I returned to UC Santa Barbara as I found the professors more amenable to my desires. . . continued . . . ICEHD.THE GOLDEN DAWN, THE AA, AND BEELZEBUB.010816.pdf

Retreats at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA:   :  During my earlier years, I undertook a number of visits to IMS (for vipassana meditation ) and the Buddhist Study Center (study of the canons).  The very first nine day insight meditation retreat I undertook at IMS remains memorable.  The reason I decided to attend a nine day retreat was to force myself to meditate for extended periods of time. Usually 50 minutes for sitting and 30 minutes for walking meditation.  I chose to do this as I was well aware that I possessed an aversion to sitting still for such extended periods of time, preferring just being mindful of being present and how my machine was operating . . . continued . . . ICEHD.Retreats at Insight Meditation Society.pdf

​​​the freedom exercises