The Institute is well aware of the harmfulness engendered when one group actively attempts to force its political, religious, and social beliefs onto another. Such ideological differences eventually leading to never-ending pathological violence and hatred between groups. 

Open any history book and you will find that human history is beset by an endless and valueless number of failed attempts by psychopathic ideologues demanding, on the pain of death,  total acceptance of ingenious forms of unsound, irrational ideology.   There is seemingly no end to this cycle.

To date, neither the Institute nor any other rational entity has introduced a workable solution to our common problem.  Maybe our common problem is endemic to our species and will only pass when we pass?  No one knows for sure.

Still there is hope for the individual man or woman; that is, if he or she is willing to do what must be done so to discover the hidden door leading to inner peace, joy, clarity, and well-being.  Yes, inner peace, joy, clarity, and well-being amidst the chaos, the purposelessness, the unmeasurable unfairness, the existential despair, and ungodly suffering.  

The Institute has one primary purpose.  Teaching a method for locating, opening, and entering into a state of being centered deep within in simple joy, simple peace, clarity, and well-being.  The establishment of such inner state will not change the world, but it will bring mastery to your life and be of great aid to others.

Moreover, so to discourage violence and needless suffering,  the Institute has chosen to provide an intellectually-open forum for discussion and criticism of ALL ancient and modern models [religious, philosophic and scientific] describing Man, GOD and the Universe. 

The Institute continually studies the nature of mankind's inner experiences so to better understand the factors involved in birthing and maintaining ideological models. The Institute understands that scientific, practical, and spiritual knowledge is dynamic and progressive, requiring modification of earlier models or adoption of brand-new models more consistent with objective evidence and experience. We also understand that all forms of philosophical and spiritual knowledge and understanding must be held to the same standards of validation as is science and mathematics.  

Intellectual discovery can show no favoritism nor sloppiness.  Our members are encouraged to maintain an open and healthy skepticism--but, to listen carefully to explanations provided by others. 

Using the results of rational analysis and objective exploration, the Institute presents information concerning the intellectual reasonableness and internal consistency of each world-view, including, an opinion of how probable each world-view is of being objectively correct and complete.  

We leave it to the discretion of each person to choose a useful model befitting his or her level of development.   But, under no circumstances should he or she choose a belief which is contrary to the benefit of others.

The Institute does its best to avoid dogmatism and encourage rational inquiry amongst our teachers and students. Our goal is providing guidance to those desirous of creating a personal path of purpose and meaning in life.



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