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Sous les auspices de la Rose-Croix, 
Salutem Punctis Trianguli!
A Play in Four Acts
(With Prologue and Epilogue.)
écrit par,
Fr. Michael Jon Kell, GC Emeritus
Sr. Ave Guevara et Fr. Nat Brescia
Play Copyright © by Michael Jon Kell

​​​the freedom exercises


My latest spiritual adventure detailing the actual life and actions of Lord Yeshua (Christ) and his Holy Sister, Mother, and Father in another sister universe.  Some may disbelieve, but this is sacred scripture from another time and place.

I am attaching the First Codex from The Akashic Journal Of Lord Yeshua.  It is quite long.  It is an interesting book of scripture and quite broad in my opinion.  The major theme is the same as my other teaching tales--unconditional love, though rich in new knowledge as to the true nature of the Trinity and the issue of Gender.  The major characters understand the real spiritual purpose of carnality.

I hope you find it enlightening.  My close associates tell me it is brilliant.  It is copyright so you are not permitted to do anything with it.

The Second Codex is moving along nicely.  I imagine the story will take some 5 or 6 codices depending upon how detailed the transmission.

POEM.Akashic Journey of Lord Yeshua.Codex1.Final.pdf


(HELOISE and ABELARD enter the stage. HELOISE enters STAGE RIGHT and ABELARD enters STAGE LEFT. 
Room lights are dimmed and the stage light is upon HELOISE.)


This  short  drama  concerns  an  ageless  quest  to  recover  a  precious  and  sacred  treasure hidden in the cave of an Ancient Dragon named Arianna Vovyn.  For thousands of years, strong warriors  and  Arianna  faced  each  other  in  honorable  battle.   Each  time,  Arianna was the victor.   After each battle, she honorably buried the beaten contender and sadly returned to her lonely cavern and its cold treasure trove.  She did not like killing.


This is also the tale of a brave knight, not of the Royal Parentage of any known Land, but, of an August and Older Lineage.  For within young Christian’s heart, lives the soul of an Elf Prince of times long past, a Prince who knows the secret of Arianna Vovyn.  A secret which all shall learn herein.

(They exit together stage Right. The musician begins the opening music as the players come onto the stage. Note: The music and how it shall be utilized herein is a work and progress and will be added 




                                                          A Princely Tale        19 August 2010

My dear friend and most holy Patriarch sent me an email the other day, while I was in Ukraine looking for a suitable princess and new “mother of a protector to be.”  He was quite upset about the increasing intensity of verbal and posted attacks against the Original Church and my Person.  My dear friend is a cleric by nature and not a warrior.  His heart is focused on dealing with the physical and spiritual needs of the meek and the mild; I am always at war.  I had to remind him of how much Jesus and the other Holy Ones have suffered at the hands of Satan-el, and the esoteric principle that the closer an organization or an individual is to Divinity the great are the resistance on earth.  Not to mention, that my blood and spiritual lines go far back in time and represent the future species of humanity–or at least we hope they will join with us one day.
I reminded him that the good news is that such attacks are pointers to the real Christians, and other persons of real spirituality, as to whom the REAL frauds, liars and moneychangers are. If I have told Satan-el once, I have told him a million times that his every action only helps quicken his end.  But he never listens.  Satan-el has a great inferiority complex and has overcompensated causing him to suffer from cosmic megalomania, grandiosity and godlike ambitions and so he continues to  interfere with the “evolutionary imperative or transcendence function”of the Noetic Metric. Unfortunately, an immortal gone insane to this degree cannot be cured and he is just imprisoned within the collective psyche of some advanced species till the end of that universe and then we are rid of him or her.  We felt very terrible about what happened to earth and so 12 of us came as “rebirth pattens” into the wombs of some hot “daughters of the earth” to help mankind survive their bad luck. 

Satan-el has been opposing the natural evolution of universal life for endless aeons–since the so called, biblical war in heaven.  Someday I may tell the true story, but for now let me tell you it did not occur in heaven, but somewhere far outside of your time and space.  After his embarrassing defeat, he fled to the far outskirts of creation landing on your earth, attempting to hide within your collective psyche.  And this is where we keep him for the safety of all other creatures.

I have been under attack since I was born the first time and still today.  When “one has never been a part of this world, but only residing within it,” events seem quite different and without much intrinsic worth. 

Now, I am sure my detractors are going to attempt to use what I say against me.  This is nothing new.  Actually, the only thing these shenanigans accomplish is to increase my believability, after all,  “God’s Truth is God’s Truth, “and humans are more clever and closer to Divinity than they are taught by society. I have no reason to lie for I have nothing to gain for myself–I am content to just be what I am. The detractors and defamers seem very scared of me and the future work that the Original Church could accomplish!

When I was a little boy, my grandmother and mother use to read to me the old Viking Sagas and point out the men and women who were our ancestors.  Their stories went far back in time to the Asgard themselves.  With the stories they showed my genealogical charts and pointed out how all the branches of the House of Yngling [descendants of the Norse god Frey] of Scandinavia, including the rulers of Great Britain and the Kevan Rus, came back together so to give our family line.  They use to tell me that someday, when the world was ready, that you will fulfill your destiny as “one of the Sons of God who found the daughters of the earth comely and desirable.”  

And so it has come to be, though I must admit I was a resistant little boy and have always had a weakness for the current generation of hot and comely daughters of the earth.  They keep wanting to have me.  It may be the dream of a human man, but, I have found it something of a curse.  Satan-el plays even with me.  At least, I do love them all and care for them when it is needed. It has done wonders for my poetic nature and integration of my anima.

Imagine how it is to be raised in such a way as a child–a very a dangerous thing to do for Lord Vanity is always lurking nearby with more complimentary words.  But, rather than become self-centered, I learned the ‘path of the warrior’ and eventually regained my prior memories of whom I actually was.  I have never been humble in action or words, but only in my heart for it has remained centered “in the heaven within.”

When I visit Ukraine or Russia, the old grandmothers stop to give me ancient Slavic blessings so I will stay on earth as a protecting angel.  Oh, well, at least the old ones still remember the ancient stories. I just smile and kiss them on the foreheads and they hobble off with a silent blessing from myself.

The “end of times” comes every day. I would recommend reading and studying Emanuel Swedenborg.  Guess what?  Try hanging around with us for a while and you will find something very special.

The greater the lies and the attacks, the greater the Original Church becomes! It time has come.

I will share more stories about this little known history of mankind upon this earth. There really is no need to hide the Teachings any more–there never really was!

Blessing from Prince Misha.  My angelic name in ancient Hebrew is Gabriel Baal Eyt.​

​                               The Magical Ukrainian Kissing Box©          Michael Jon Kell

Once upon a time, long ago, in a small Ukrainian village, situated in a beautifully, green and vibrant forest on the banks of the majestic Dnieper River, lived a widowed mother and her young, innocent and God-loving young daughter.  The mother was so very poor that it took her many months to save enough money to buy some special gold wrapping paper, which she was going to save until her daughter's wedding day, God Willing. 

One day, mother discovered the paper was missing and she asked her daughter if she had taken it. When her young daughter said yes, her mother was furious. The daughter, who was very sweet and tender and close to God burst out in tears, "Oh, Mother, please don't be angry with me for I needed it so to wrap a special present for you."  Mother was so saddened by her previous outburst and hugged and kissed and apologized.

The next day her daughter gave mother the gift-wrapped present. Inside was a box, but it was empty of mundane things. Mother again lost her temper and told her daughter that if she was going to give a box as a present then the box should contain something nice. Again the daughter burst into tears and said, "Can you not see the kisses and love that I had put inside for you, dear Mother?" 

Her mother's heart filled with a true remorse, for such feelings commonly come upon us in holy moments, for she saw that she was in the presence of a real angel given to her from God. Realizing at long last, the specialness of her daughter, how she was truly a child of the angels, she again hugged and kissed her--thinking, "Such an innocent and pure love has my daughter for me.  Could I only learn to be worthy of receiving such love, as my daughter has for me, of learning how to love as she does, please dear Lord."

The next day the daughter was playing by at the edge of the River, slipped on some wet grass, falling into the River and drowning.  Mother was very heart-broken and regretted all the times she had been harsh with daughter. Then one day an angel came to her and reminded her about her daughter's wonderful gift.  So now, Mother keeps the box by her bedside and whenever she felt unhappy she opens it so to take out a kiss... and with the kiss she feels her daughter once again with her.

As time passed, her material life began to improve and her little farm prospered.  Soon not only was there sufficient food for her, but also for her to share with others in her village. The widow was happy helping her neighbors, for she had found that true happiness consists only in loving and caring for all of God's living creatures.  The more she opened the kissing box, the more love she felt inside her for she was coming to understand that her daughters heart had begun to live fully within her own.

The village prospered over the years for Mother began to share the kissing box with her neighbors and their hearts too came to be filled with her daughters pure and innocent love.

On day a Pope came to the village, for he had heard from some travelers of a marvelous village in the forest by the Dnieper, where everyone seemed filled with the radiance of God's Holy Love. They told the Pope of a magic kissing box filled with endless love and kisses, a box given to an old lady by a little angel.  They had felt its power.

Eventually, the Pope built a church and Mother gave the box to the priest to share with everyone... and at last the true miracle of innocent and pure love passed into the whole world.

For when greed is put aside and nature’s bounty shared, all shall  have enough.

​                               FROM THE HIGH CHRONICLES OF NOUSEUM COMES:

​HEAR YE, HEAR YE!  Know that on this day, by Royal Decree of the Prince and Princess of Nouseum, a Pronouncement  has been Issued to All Outerworlds Warning of the Return of the Two Evil Ones.  Men and Women of Good Heart, Arm Thyselves with Blade and Steady Reserve for the Dark Time has Returned.

    Editor: Lord Vladimir, Arch-Curator of the Anthropology Institute

    Chief Translator: Professor Waldrum, University of Nouseum, Department of Elf Studies

    Editor’s Note

    Frequently, we receive correspondence from our loyal subscribers which are full of kind comments, helpful suggestions and much appreciation.  Many write telling us that our articles are well-written, well-researched, deliciously entertaining and philosophically beneficial.  Now and then, a subscriber will enquire as to whether or not these stories are accurate accounts of past events or more recent ‘fictional reconstructions’ containing much literary license.  Let me assure each of you, that our translations are done with the highest integrity.  It takes many years of university study to become proficient in understanding the Ancient Elf  Runes.  The literary style, the immense and highly specific vocabulary, the lofty planes of thought and feeling and sophisticated grammar of the Elves is  difficult for peoples in the Outer Worlds.

 Our translators are the best in Nouseum and pride themselves on producing accurate documents without insertion of their own opinions.  These translations are fully certified as to accuracy by the Committee For Accurate Communication.  But, it is important to realize that these translations are not literal; but have been written in the more simple style of our era for the benefit of our dear Readers not being fully familiar with the Runes.

    It is our opinion that the Elf Chronicles are accurate accounts of their Ancient History.  Whether or not you choose to believe this or not is your prerogative.  But, as the Elves say, tongue-in-cheek, “the seller sells and the buyer buys!”   In any case, it is my pleasure to serve as your narrator for this volume of the Chronicles.  Happy reading!

     The book is partially completed and so I share it with you.​