The first goal of any new aspirant entering into the Institute must be to work towards gaining a pragmatic understanding of the underlying purpose, goals and methods utilized by the Institute. To skip or avoid this first step is as foolish as traveling in a strange and dangerous country without advance preparation, guides and roadmaps. 

The second goal is to develop and crystallize the mental quality of skeptical intuitiveness. The new aspirant must learn to listen to those who know before judging, think before speaking and feel or taste the truth before acting.  Without such mental qualities, you will remain lost in the morass and unsatisfactoriness of mundane existence.  Only a fool speaks from unfounded opinion.

The third goal is to adopt a constant state of inquisitiveness, wonder and kindness towards yourself, other persons, the earth and the All.  For it is an eternal truth, that none can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven until he or she has regained the curiosity and explorativeness of a child—question, question and question all you see, hear and feel.  Such an attitude is necessary if one is to benefit from the Institute’s approach to the problems of life and existence, which are predominately scientific.  This is not to suggest that science is our only methodology, but the current functional work model utilized by the Institute is one of asking and researching intelligent questions useful for inner awakening into the Work Life.  The Institute applies these methods so to add to and expand upon the ancient theological and/or philosophical models of yesteryear. 

The Institute is a mystery school in every sense of the word, but is remarkably different from other mystery schools [ancient or modern] in that it originates out of a true mesoteric system.  Traditional mystery schools operate sub-rosea, using complex languages and secret esoteric symbology and tradition; taking deep pride in their private profundity, exclusiveness and secretiveness. A true mesoteric mystery school, on the other hand, while possessing full knowledge of the ancient wealth of wisdom, functions as a bridge between the mundane and esoteric worlds.  By teaching our aspirants how to construct sturdy bridges joining the physical and the psychological, we attract by worldly example a greater number of suitable and diverse individuals from various walks of life; allowing the School an improved opportunity of exploring a multitude of angles on the same subject matter.  Unlike most mystery schools, we test each hypothesis scientifically, ascertain its credibility and revise our current model with full cognizance of what we are doing and why we are doing it. 

Aspirants come to the ICEHD from all walks of life, all philosophies and all religions; as atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists; as agnostics, deists and existentialists; as men and women; as constitutionalists, democrats, independents and republicans; as capitalists and socialists. Each is welcome as long as he or she is willing to work hard so to avoid closed-mindedness towards the possibility of revising and evolving his or her own specific paradigm, regardless of what paradigm it might be. 

The founders of true mesoteric schools are reborn into the realm of worldly consciousness every 108 years.  Their purpose in doing so is not to carry on past traditions or outdated doctrines; rather, they manifest in the physical world with the intention of revealing and uncovering new levels of understanding for those persons incarnating and ready to receive them. While perpetuating old customs may hold personal value, and as such are worth preserving, a sincere aspirant of the ICEHD is intellectually committed to moving beyond these old paradigms when necessary.  Aligning yourself with the teachings, practices, and methods of the ICEHD demands a certain level of surrender of your worldly ego state.  The Institute understands that this is frequently an unpleasant, frightening and uncomfortable experience for the aspirant, but it is one that is necessary and ICEHD is prepared to help those with the courage to attempt such a transition. ICEHD’s fundamental operational intention is “permanent liberation from the mechanical world”. 

This is done by: 

1.  Understanding and working with one’s personal psychology and behavior so to awaken from sleep and mechanicalness [the Eternal Search for God];

2.  Incorporating a strong sense of loving-kindness into daily life;

3.  Learning how to honestly observe oneself so to ameliorate our deficiencies and encourage our strengths;

4.  Learning that our Intentions and Will are absent in the present moment, but that Free Choice for change is available in the future;

5.  Recognizing that the death of the self is required in order to “awaken to the limitless, unborn”;

6.  Creating a permanent soul, becoming a stream-enterer, becoming an Incarnate.

As an ICEHD aspirant, you will learn how to make each one of these objectives an unending part of your psychology, incorporating each one of these objectives into your life with the least amount of resistance necessary.  An ICEHD aspirant transforms and is transformed.  He and she is a master liberator, learning to release all illusory conceptions of culture and creed.  The ICEHD aspirant is prepared to enter a new realm of understanding, establish a new sense of vision and he and she is not afraid to implement the lessons learned.Type your paragraph here.

If you are: 

*    equipped to see the darkness within and how to bring the light of true living inside;
*    are dissatisfied with our current global condition;
*    are disillusioned with limitation;
*    are ready to operate as a fully conscious being by helping others to do the same and
*    are ready for awakening to the True I and  permanence;

then the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development may be exactly what you are looking for.

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