​​​the freedom exercises

NOTE:  The Institute is currently revising the presentation of the intellectual and experiential content of it's teaching program.  The current plan is to supplement information provided on Dr. Kell's blog and proposed audio and video programs for students solely (internet and seminars).​ Much of the new Teachings are best accomplished by physical contact with Dr. Kell and advanced members of the Institute.

If you have an interest in being a Founder of the Institute, please make a single or repeating cash donation to our Good Works.  Thanks for all of us!  Donations are tax deductible as the Institute is organized by an IRS exempt church.

Additionally, we refer you to the Research and Funding pages for persons interested in the Institute's joint venture medical and energy research programs (yes, we work in the mundane also).

If you would like to personally speak with Dr. Kell about the Work of the Institute and how you can help, please go to our Contact Page and provide your phone number in the message box

Many people believe that Esoteric Schools should not charge for providing hard-earned Sacred Knowledge useful for Enlightenment.  In truth, Esoteric Schools do not charge for the knowledge and opportunity provided [even though, psychological studies repeatedly demonstrate that 'free stuff' is automatically devalued, regardless of its intrinsic worth].  

The traditional, operational mode of Esoteric Schools [dating back to pre-Dynastic Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus valley] is one requiring each student to contribute to the daily maintenance [by his or her labor] and financial security of the physical organization [by donation].

Generally, seekers financially supporting and residing physically near the school benefit most.  Such benefit arising from personal, group, and School Work efforts supported by active physical involvement with the principal teachers.  Lesser benefits accrue for the seeker, other students, and the school from Work efforts using the internet and by time-limited visits for hands-on Work and  seminars. Useful, but much less beneficial, is study in isolation.  For true esotericism is 99% orthopraxic and 1% orthodoxy. 

A true seeker understands the priceless, personal value of Sacred Knowledge and Mystical Enlightenment; he or she is willing to pay the price so to become a 'Living Conscious Soul.' Moreover, he and she understand that monetary donations, given intentionally and in the spirit of generosity, are inherently of benefit as such create a stronger bond between the donor, the physical school, and der Ubergeist (highest aspect of the conjoint human species mind).

For the needs of the Institute, we ask university students, retired persons with limited income, and those experiencing financial hardship to consider donating $50 each month to the Institute so to remain an active participant.  Those who are financially secure should consider contributions so to build an endowment for the Institute.  However, if destitute, worry not.

Tax donations are deductible.  For more information go to our Contact page.