01/08/2017:  A Wise Primer For Astral Travel.

The Institute is presenting the above online introductory course for its devotees. The subject of the astral worlds is much misunderstood and much of the teachings pure malarkey.

This course is offered for free at www.freedomexercises.org.

Donations are always appreciated as all of us are 'all as poor in funds as church mice.'

10/13/2016:  Funding Needed for Dark Comedy.

A good friend wants to produce a movie in the Atlanta Area.  As a favor, I am enclosing a brief advertisement.  The Church gets no monies for such help.


08/09/2016:  Comments on the Church (Thank you Sister SDR)

Ephesians 4:11-13 

Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT) - Based on the Original Koine Greek Manuscripts

"He Gave Gifted People To Equip The Saints To Build Up The Body of Christ To Maturity:
And He Himself gave some as apostles, and others as prophets, and others as evangelists, and others as shepherd-teachers (Pastors), for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the building-up of the body of Christ until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son ofGod, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."

"Church" means simply "the Lord's" as in belonging to Him (the God of Our Hearts). http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=church

"Saints" etymologically speaking means simply "consecrated" so in fact, means set apart for the exclusive use of the deity, whichever deity a person is set apart http://www.dictionary.com/browse/consecrate?s=t

06/05/2016:  Discovering The Better Part of Us: A Path to Happier Living
by Vaughan Crawford-Edis (Amazon Books, Kindle Edition, 2016)

Recently, I was provided a copy of Vaughan’s new book to evaluate. It was a pleasure to digest, as the style is easy on the mind and the content well presented. It is a ‘good read,’ as it cogently introduces a number of the most pressing challenges which must be faced so to find meaning and personal purpose. For instance, Good versus Evil, living an impeccable life, understanding higher intuition, knowing where to start your journey, and much more. This book is not a ‘self-help’ treatise, as it is meant to be read with metaphysical insight and conscious intent. If you cannot put your naysaying rigidity aside, so to allow consideration of new ideas and potentialities to enter into your mind, then empty you shall remain. ​

​​​​06/03/2016:  Catch the Institute on Twitter at drmjkell  

05/24/2016:  Climbing The Ziggurat To Enlightenment

​​After commenting upon another blog, I was asked the following:  . . . are you naturally talented in this life, are your efforts to question and articulate experiences with representations in the realized work the reason, or are your abilities a product of the psychic training?  I am not sure and you might mention how you have developed your higher abilities.

I had to think a long time upon the question for it is not an easy one, as it makes inquiries at multiple levels of being.  I guess the question is best summarized as, "How does a Tyro become a true Initiate?"  I suggest that the following are some of the important actions to take:

First, on the physical level, one must be graced with a very good CNS by heredity and be cognizant enough to maximize ones phenotype.

Second, it is useful to be exposed to activities on the astral plane (within the collective mind of our species) from a very young age and learn early to make essence promises.   This does not mean one is particularly psychic in the common use of the term.

Third, gaining real knowledge and understanding requires making super efforts.  Be a voracious reader and writer, so to expose yourself to as much different knowledge as possible (talk to your books and write many questions and new ideas in the margins). One must read and contemplate with an open mind so to learn to be comfortable with allowing conflicting data into the mind.  Experience teaches that ones capacity and quality of functioning of his or her CNS will continue to increase if one applies efforts to keep growing, which appears to be true. And most importantly, no one is absolutely correct for we all are contributing to the transhumanization, or spiritualization, of the Universe.  Remember, my Tale of the Tower of Babel posted awhile back.

Fourth, regardless of the gifts given by the Cosmic, never forget that you are a part of mankind--however, uncomfortable this may be.  For feeling "innately better" is a great path to purgatory and damnation.  Some people are superior in their skill set and work in high octaves--but, this has nothing to do with egoism.

Fifth, always presume that you do not possess a finalized soul and keep working on it--a Pascal's Wager in a sense.  For if you do not do this, egoism will prevail.  Look more to your deficits than to your skills, for this is where real progress arises.

Sixth, believe nothing dogmatically, regardless of the source, just observe and create temporary models. Models are only rafts for crossing the rivers separating states of awareness.

Seventh, all neurologically normal humans come into physical life with connections to the higher levels of functioning of the upper cosmic (I call it der Ubergeist).  One connection is to True Conscience and the other is to Objective Reasoning and Knowledge.  However, these conduits have a valve, so to speak, which must be opened a little bit each year so to allow such divinity to flow into our mind-heart so be enter into the state meant for mankind--to become a True Individual or Cosmically Significant Being.

Eighth, learn to allow the suffering of humanity to come into your heart for a few seconds, now and then, so you can feel it to its core.  And then, make (or renew again) an essence oath to your God (of your heart and of your realization) to expend super-efforts to bring justice and mercy into our sorry world--even if you will be crucified for such love.

Ninth, remember the highest law given to us by the Christ when it prayed in the Garden of  Gethsemane, "Abba, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will."  Life may not improve in the least, but, when such times arise, your soul is fed what it needs.

Tenth, an ego is a useful tool, but egoism will assure that you do not die in life so to be reborn within eternity.  Humbleness is found within and not without in your actions--for humbleness of spirit allows us to move closer to unconditional loving.  And true unconditional love is the narrow doorway to God's Abode.

04/18/2016:​   I added a new essay to Library page, ​A Princely Tale

03/27/2016:  An Easter Time poem for those who want Love more than Hate.

03/14/2016:   Robert Meyring's will join a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis this Spring.  He will ride his bicycle from Atlanta, Ga to Washington, DC. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause go to  http://www.meyringlaw.com/Blog/2016/February/The-Strong-Person-Doer-of-Deeds.aspx    

03/12/2016:   Soon I will be adding to the Health Page an article on Rational Diet.  It originally was done for the Mind, Brain, Body with the Good Doctor radio show.  If I can locate the radio shows I will add them later.  There will be a little delay as I have to edit the original scripts.

02/26/2016:  Today, I added the full text of the Institute's canon, The Eternal Search For God . .  It will be found under Teaching Tales.  Blessings, Michael

01/24/2016:  Check out our new Library Page.  We have added space to bring some of the Institute writings to you.  I think you will find them entertaining and enlightening.  Does anyone know how to add a comment page in GoDaddy? Our first offering is drawn from  a fantasy teaching tale drawn from the dreamtime of Michael. Enjoy!


02/06/2016:  First Koan for the Apocalypse:  

Q-1: Is the inherent Nature of Man altruistic or egotistical?
    A-1: Is water solid, liquid, or vapor?

01/22/2016:  Friends, I finally found a copy of an old book I was writing in the mid 1990s.  Will be on the Library Page of the site.  Though, my point of view has grown since that time, I am going to present it as a series soon.  Any of you really enjoying our free teachings might consider donating some money each month via an automatic deduction via pay pal so to help defray our expenses.  Just a suggestion.  Read on!

01/20/2016:  Started new blog exploring whether or not the universe was inherent purpose.  I think all of you will find this most enlightening.  Plus, you will be pleased to take a journey along the "path and not-path" to discovery of the hidden purpose lying in the laws of nature.

01/18/2016:​  The birth of permanent liberation from the mechanical world requires the death of the cultural and linguistic self.  The death of this self, in loving-kindness done, unfolds solely through Awakening within the Limitless and Unborn.  To be within the Unborn is not escape, rather, it is to return centered in fullness of commitment and caring for all. 

01/17/16:​  It is better to spike the food-trough of fools with real knowledge, in the dismal hope that an aspirant is amongst them, than to keep such knowledge locked in ones mind forever.

01/16/2016:  If I must perish in the fight to save mankind, then, perish it shall be.

​01/15/2016:  A long time friend (Clay Spurz, Desperate Men) wrote a song for me in 2009.  He

said this was how he saw me in real life.  Clay is one of the top three experts in the I Ching in the world.  Bless him.  For Michael

01/14/2016:  An Initiate possessing a full understanding of mankind's most dangerous plight has attained to the deepest meaning of liberation.  Liberation is no more than release from all that is unnecessary.

01/04/2016:  Soon, the Institute will begin a new blog series on the Kabbalah.  Therein, we shall discuss the psychological underpinnings leading to the birthing of Kabbalah in the 12th century.  This theoretical system is excellent, but not as ancient as its adherents claim.

01/01/2016:  Dr. Kell is preparing a contemplative exercise exploring happiness.  Useful questions to be considered include:  How do I define the word happiness?  Does my personal definition limit my capacity to experience happiness?  Is personal happiness really possible in a world full of unnecessary suffering?  Is happiness just another kind of social spin? . . .  So tune in, tune on, and see what happens. Ciao. ​

TIMELESS NOTE:  Any sincere seeker interested in working with the Institute may contact Michael at  mjkell@alum.mit.edu .  Please write ICEHD in subject line.

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